How to Proceed the Work?



With Galaxy, we’ll define the scope of work, specific tasks, and discuss deliverables and timelines.


Requirement Gathering

Tell us your expectations, goals, and what you want the project to accomplish.


Test Requirements & Planning

You’ll receive a custom-designed test plan with specific objectives, resources, and processes. We’ll assess risk to identify potential threats and possible hurdles.


Environment Setup

We’ll decide the right software and hardware configuration for you in order to execute the software that will allow us to examine all the application functionalities.


Execution and Defect Tracking

Extensive testing will allow us to record all the statistics found in the results, review it for all the modules, track the defects found, and generate insights for you.



In case there are areas that need worked on again, we’ll take care of it. We neither want our partners or our software to be bugged because you deserve a fully optimized site/app.

Do you need your site/app’s functionality tested?

Tell us your QA needs today and let’s improve your site’s quality today.

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Project Requirements


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