Our Story

Our team of IT specialists have 20 years of industry experience in building and optimizing applications. Designers, mobile developers, software engineers, and QA engineers are just a few of our titles.

With 500+ consultants, we provide you with a dedicated Account Manager for your projects and provide onshore offshore support. We work across 8 time zones and have offices in Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, Dubai, and multiple locations in India, so no matter our clients’ timezone, they don’t have to wait long for our response.

We’ve worked with 800+ clients across the globe in nearly 50 countries. Meeting new clients from new regions allows us to learn more about each other and makes working together that much more enjoyable.


Our Vision & Mission

We began with a simple mission — work towards a bug-free internet filled full of functionality. We want our clients’ websites/apps to be reinvigorated with enhanced speed and security. We’re global residents and are invested in the partnerships we have with our clients; we care about the outcome of your site/app.

Why? Because we believe in having empathy for your website visitors and making your application functional helps them. If we were in their shoes, we’d want the same done for us.

Do you need your site/app’s functionality tested?

Tell us your QA needs today and let’s improve your site’s quality today.

Galaxy Weblinks Inc. 1 Broadway, Cambridge MA, USA 02142

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