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Why are we so different?

We’ve bridged the gap between designers and developers, forming a cohesive team that know how to work together. We will compare software from different perspectives vis-a-vis client, user, and developer as well as evaluate your software for interoperability and security to ensure the safety of the product. Regardless of your timezone, you’ll receive an account manager who will provide you with offshore support any time of day.

How Do These Independent QA Services Help You?

You’ll Have Higher-Quality Websites/Apps

This will help you deliver a smooth, bug-free experience to your website users.

On-Demand Service

This option allows you to easily scale-up or scale-down the service/services based on your QA projects.

Independent and Unbiased

We can identify potential bugs which your team may have overlooked.

Device Lab

You can enjoy the benefits of our lab subscriptions enabling us to access hundreds of devices at once.

More Bang for Your Buck

Don’t overpay for services from a large company with unrefined crowdsourcing — choose custom, in-house services at comparable costs.

Timely Deliverance

We’ll rapidly and efficiently identify bugs to swiftly launch your website or app.


“We wanted to know what our end-users were experiencing when visiting our website. After Galaxy’s UX Testing, we not only had a better understanding of their experience with our site, but also how they were interacting with it and that helped us to improve our site.”

Head of Design, Netgear

“We were impressed with Galaxy’s process of comparing expected results to actual results. This thoroughness helped us improve our software to guarantee that it produced the results we wanted.”

Project Manager, University of Vermont

“With an increasing amount of customers using mobile devices to access our website, we needed to make certain that it was functional across multiple types of browsers and platforms. And that’s what Galaxy delivered.”

Director of Engineering, Staples

What Testing Do We Provide?


Functional Testing

We’ll generate an extensive list of functional test cases and scenarios to be executed across various Windows and Mac devices. With manual and automated testing

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Automation Testing

Would you like a robust test automation setup that your team can run before releasing website updates? Galaxy can help you set up and maintain a test automation

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API Testing

We will ensure that your API’s run coherently and avoid any corner cases, delay in processing, or security breaches for internal or external API.

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UX Testing

Harnessing a capable team of in-house UX experts that will acquire feedback from end users that are similar to your target audience to inform our UX report. This report will help

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Cross-Browser Testing

Galaxy uses a mixture of manual and automated techniques to deliver an insightful report that covers cross-browser compatibility checks for your website or app.

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Performance Testing

Does your website crash or run slow when too many people simultaneously interact with your site? A slow or crashing site could mean losing a potential customer to another

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Security Testing

Security issues not only impact your users, but also your company’s reputation. Galaxy can help you identify broad-level security issues with your website and prevent these

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Payment Testing

We perform global payment testing for your e-commerce sites, in-app purchases, POS, and mobile wallets. This will improve your customer’s experience, build trust, and make

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Mobile App testing

Our mobile tests are tailored to address performance, optimizations, network, and other issues that are unique to mobile devices. We help you ship perfection.

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Our Testing Process



With Galaxy, we’ll define the scope of work, specific tasks, and discuss deliverables and timelines.


Requirement Gathering

Tell us your expectations, goals, and what you want the project to accomplish.


Test Requirements & Planning

You’ll receive a custom-designed test plan with specific objectives, resources, and processes. We’ll assess risk to identify potential threats and possible hurdles.


Environment Setup

We’ll decide the right software and hardware configuration for you in order to execute the software that will allow us to examine all the application functionalities.


Execution and Defect Tracking

Extensive testing will allow us to record all the statistics found in the results, review it for all the modules, track the defects found, and generate insights for you.



In case there are areas that need worked on again, we’ll take care of it. We neither want our partners or our software to be bugged because you deserve a fully optimized site/app.

Do you need your site/app’s functionality tested?

Tell us your QA needs today and let’s improve your site’s quality today.

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